COLLOQUIA HUMANISTICA - the interdisciplinary journal of humanities of the Institute of Slavic Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences - kindly invites submissions of manuscripts that address the following topic:

Hierarchies and Boundaries. Structuring the Social in the East and the Mediterranean

When we seek an answer to the fundamental question: "how is the social reality structured?", we may think of hierarchies and boundaries: two general concepts that reflect two different types of the structuring process traceable in each historical period – a vertical and a horizontal one.
While both these concepts have long been the subjects of interest of the humanities and social sciences, they nowadays remain significant points of reference in our attempts at understanding the complexity of the social world. As such, hierarchies and boundaries seem worth re-examining from various theoretical perspectives.
Regardless of whether hierarchies and boundaries are articulated in cultural, social or political form, they are never static and fixed, but rather highly susceptible to individual and collective action. Their shape is dynamic and the relations between them change over time. Hierarchies and boundaries may either collide/clash or overlap with each other; either get intertwined or remain distanced to each other; either get strengthened or crossed, blurred and, possibly, even abolished.
In the eighth volume of COLLOQUIA HUMANISTICA, we invite scholars from different areas of humanities and social sciences to take part in our discussion on hierarchies and/or boundaries in Eastern Europe and/or Mediterranean region, either in (post-)modernity or in other historical periods.


The exemplary research areas to be tackled in this volume may be, as follows:
• Crossing and maintaining cultural boundaries in post-Soviet literatures and/or cinemas;
• Institutional and religious hierarchies in the Ottoman and/or Habsburg Empires;
• State boundary-making in the modern Balkans;
• Practices of legitimizing/undermining class hierarchies in Eastern Europe;
• Hierarchies and boundaries as matters of social thought and philosophy.
However, the volume is not confined to these. We also welcome papers that problematize hierarchies and boundaries in different ways.


If you would like TO CONTRIBUTE to this volume of COLLOQUIA HUMANISTICA, please send a title and max. 250-word abstract of your paper to the editor of the volume, Tomasz Rawski (, by 31st May 2018. Feel free to write also if you have any questions concerning your contribution. Full papers should be submitted by 15th October 2018.


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