Piotr Szatkowski, laureate of the Preludium 19 call of the National Science Center

We are happy to inform that the project „Masurians – the disappearing testimony of the linguistic past of the Polish-German borderland. The contemporary language practices of descendants of the native population of Masuria” received funding under the Preludium 19 competition of the National Science Center. Project Investigator – Piotr Szatkowski, prepared the project as a doctoral student of ISS PAS “Borderlands, Minorities, Migrations in a Sociolinguistic Perspective”.

PRELUDIUM is a funding opportunity intended for pre-doctoral researchers about to embark on their scientific career.

Details can be found on the National Science Center website: https://www.ncn.gov.pl/aktualnosci/2020-11-20-wyniki-konkursow-opus-19-preludium-19


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