Nauczanie języka polskiego na Uniwersytecie Dyneburskim: przeszłość i teraźniejszość

Diana Rubene, Andris Kazjukevičs


Polish philology at the Daugavpils University – yesterdays and present 

In 1991, in the Daugavpils Pedagogical Institute was opened the first group of Polish. This was the beginning of the studies of Polish language not only in Daugavpils, but also in the Second Republic of Latvia. Students of the first groups had possibility to receive a diploma of specialist teaching Polish language from Polish and Russian, as well as Russian literature. In 2005 was created the program “Bachelor of Polish philology with a second foreign language”. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Polish philology students have possibility to continue their education at two-year master’s degree. Currently, the “Polish Studies” among the universities of Latvia proposes only Daugavpils University. Every year Polish language institution is organizing an international conference “Polish-Baltic cultural associations”, which involved researchers from the Polish and Baltic countries. In 2010 at the Daugavpils University was opened Centre of Polish Language and Culture, which functions as a center for education and research. Polish philology at the Faculty of Humanities of the Daugavpils University support Polish Embassy, Foundations “Semper Polonia” and “Pomoc Polakom na Wschodzie” and the Association “Wspólnota Polska”.


Daugavpils University; Polish philology; education; Polish language teaching

Copyright (c) 2015 Diana Rubene, Andris Kazjukevičs

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