No 9 (2020)

Sephardim, Ashkenazim and Non-Jewish Peoples: Encounters Across Europe

Cover Page

Complete list of reviewers for the issue 9 [Lista recenzentów numeru 9]

Conception and academic editing of this issue [Koncepcja i redakcja naukowa tomu]: Aleksandra Twardowska, Katarzyna Taczyńska


Language and stylistic editor [Redaktor językowa]: Joanna Dutkiewicz


We present the 9th issue of Colloquia Humanistica, whose content is entirely coherent and focused on a single theme: cross-cultural encounters which, whether they occurred as clashes or exchanges, affected everyone involved. Our goal was for all the texts – from the main articles to materials, sources, archival research, and even reviews and discussions – to be in line with the issue’s title. Initially, the title’s “encounters” were supposed to apply to Jewish/non-Jewish relations in a specific area, but the present volume, which is a compilation of the perspectives and interests of many different authors, reveals a more multidimensional meaning of the word.