No 6 (2017)

The Images of the Borders of Civilizations

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Editor-in-charge of the issue [Redaktor Prowadzący]: Wojciech Sajkowski, with collaboration of [we współpracy z]: Jolanta Sujecka & Maciej Falski

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The notion of civilization is strictly related to the issue of borders since it would became meaningless without the opposition to another civilization, or the lack of it (the latter described with many terms, e.g. nature or barbarity). The juxtaposition between the notion of civilization and its different antinomies seems to easier to display when seen from its center, however the shape of its border is not always clear, even if it has foundation in clear geographical or political divisions. Thus, this border can be represented as a linear frontier between a civilized state and barbaric lands, or as a borderland which encompasses some kind of fluent transition. The civilization border can be also represented in macro scale, shaping geographic divisions of the continents (as it was in the case of the Balkans), but its depiction can also concern the micro scale, for example the difference between an urban and a natural landscape. The notion is even broader, because it is not only treated in the context of space but also social behaviors and their evolution (which since the Enlightenment is bound with notion of the progress). The question establishing the difference between civilized and uncivilized is still shaping the identity of modern societies, and thus it is worth attention.