Approximation and supposition

Maksim Duškin


Approximation and supposition

This article compares exponents of approximation (expressions like Russian около, примерно, приблизительно, более, свыше) and the words expressing supposition (for example Russian скорее всего, наверное, возможно). These words are often confused in research, in particular researchers often mention exponents of supposition in case of exponents of approximation. Such approach arouses some objections.

The author intends to demonstrate in this article a notional difference between approximation and supposition, therefore the difference between exponents of these two notions. This difference could be described by specifying different attitude of approximation and supposition to the notion of knowledge. Supposition implies speaker’s ignorance of the exact number, while approximation does not mean such ignorance. The article offers examples proving this point of view.


approximation; supposition; Russian

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