English Language Error Analysis of the Written Texts Produced by Ukrainian Learners: Data Collection

Lessia Mykolayivna Kotsyuk


English Language Error Analysis of the Written Texts Produced by Ukrainian Learners: Data Collection

Recently, the studies of second language acquisition have tended to focus on learners errors as they help to predict the difficulties involved in acquiring a second language. Thus, teachers can be made aware of the difficult areas to be encountered by the students and pay special attention and devote emphasis to them. The research goals of the article are to define what error analysis is and how it is important in L2 teaching process, to state the significance of corpus studies in identifying of different types of errors and mistakes, to provide the results of error analysis of the corpus of written texts produced by Ukrainian learners. In this article, major types of errors in English as a second language for Ukrainian students are mentioned.


corpus; data; English language; error; error analysis; Ukrainian learner

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