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No 16 (2016) A Cognitive Approach to the Compilation of Test Materials for the Evaluation of Translator's Skills Abstract   PDF (in English)
Elena Berg, Mark Kit
No 19 (2019) A Cognitive Linguistics approach to internet memes on selected Polish internet sites Abstract   PDF (in English)
Julia Ostanina-Olszewska, Aleksandra Majdzińska-Koczorowicz
No 19 (2019) A contrastive analysis of feminitives in Bulgarian, Polish and Russian Abstract   PDF (in English)
Wojciech Paweł Sosnowski, Joanna Satoła-Staśkowiak
No 11 (2011) A contrastive view of adjectives in Croatian, Polish and English: subjectification as a local phenomenon Abstract   PDF (in English)
Mateusz-Milan Stanojević, Barbara Kryżan-Stanojević, Jelena Parizoska
No 19 (2019) A lexicographical approach to the contrastive analysis of Bulgarian and Polish phraseology Abstract   PDF (in English)
Diana Blagoeva, Maciej Paweł Jaskot, Wojciech Sosnowski
No 14 (2014) A net presentation of Lithuanian sentences containing verbal forms with the grammatical suffix -dav- Abstract   PDF (in English)
Danuta Roszko, Roman Roszko
No 17 (2017) A potential theory approach to an algorithm of conceptual space partitioning Abstract   PDF (in English)
Roman Urban, Magdalena Grzelińska
No 17 (2017) A preliminary study in zero anaphora coreference resolution for Polish Abstract   PDF (in English)
Adam Jan Kaczmarek, Michał Marcińczuk
No 16 (2016) A Semantic-Cognitive Analysis of the Concept of Ukraine in the Speeches of B. Obama (2014) Abstract   PDF (in English)
Anatoliy Oleksiyovych Khudoliy
No 16 (2016) A Short History of Polish-Ukrainian Terminography Abstract   PDF (in English)
Marek Wojciech Łukasik
No 21 (2021) A Study of the Language Characteristics of Types of Business English Speeches from the Perspective of Functional Linguistics Abstract   PDF (in English)
Xian Wang, Huixian Li
No 13 (2013) About Certain Semantic Annotation in Parallel Corpora Abstract   PDF (in English)
Violetta Koseska-Toszewa
No 12 (2012) About meanings as a rule not included in dictionaries Abstract   PDF (in English)
Violetta Koseska-Toszewa, Maksim Duszkin
No 13 (2013) Affirmation Modality in Bulgarian, Macedonian and Serbian Abstract   PDF (in English)
Marcin Grygiel
No 18 (2018) "All my sour-sweet days I will lament and love" – a comparative analysis of metaphors with the basic taste adjectives in Polish and English Abstract   PDF (in English)
Magdalena Anna Zawisławska, Marta Helena Falkowska
No 21 (2021) American University Discourse in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Multimodal Aspect Abstract   PDF (in English)
Yuliya Stodolinska
No 13 (2013) An Analysis of the WAR AGAINST THE DISEASE-metaphor in Selected 2011 Presidential Speeches of Felipe Calderon with the Application of the Neural Theory of Metaphor Abstract
Agnieszka Pluwak
No 17 (2017) An approach to the translation of deontic modality in legal texts. The case of the Polish and English versions of the “Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union” Abstract   PDF (in English)
Maciej Paweł Jaskot, Agnieszka Wiltos
No 17 (2017) An open stylometric system based on multilevel text analysis Abstract   PDF (in English)
Maciej Eder, Maciej Piasecki, Tomasz Walkowiak
No 11 (2011) Analytic tendencies in modern Polish and Russian Abstract   PDF (in English)
Wojciech Sosnowski
No 10 (2010) Application of multilingual corpus in contrastive studies (on the example of the Bulgarian-Polish-Lithuanian parallel corpus) Abstract   PDF in English
Ludmila Dimitrova, Violetta Koseska-Toszewa, Danuta Roszko, Roman Roszko
No 10 (2010) Approximation and supposition Abstract   PDF in English
Maksim Duškin
No 18 (2018) Aspects of gestural alignment in task-oriented dialogues Abstract   PDF (in English)
Maciej Karpiński, Agnieszka Czoska, Ewa Jarmołowicz-Nowikow, Konrad Juszczyk, Katarzyna Klessa
No 10 (2010) Automated extraction of lexical meanings from Polish corpora: potentialities and limitations Abstract
Maciej Piasecki
No 13 (2013) Automatic Prompt System in the Process of Mapping plWordNet on Princeton WordNet Abstract
Paweł Kędzia, Maciej Piasecki, Ewa Rudnicka, Konrad Przybycień
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