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No 12 (2012) Bulgarian sense-annotated corpus – between the tradition and novelty Abstract   PDF (in English)
Svetla Koeva
No 13 (2013) Bulgarian-Polish Language Resources (Current State and Future Development) Abstract   PDF (in English)
Ludmila Dimitrova, Violetta Koseska-Toszewa
No 12 (2012) Bulgarian-Polish parallel digital corpus and quantification of time Abstract   PDF (in English)
Ludmila Dimitrova, Violetta Koseska-Toszewa
No 12 (2012) Cognitive approach to the construction of three-language terminological thesaurus Abstract
Grigorij Chetverikov, Iryna Vechirska
No 19 (2019) Coming nearer and nearer: A cognitive grammar account of the third person plural impersonal Abstract   PDF (in English)
Ewa Data-Bukowska
No 12 (2012) Compléments aspectuels et verbes De manière de déplacement en français: entre bornage et télicité Abstract
Dorota Sikora
No 10 (2010) Constructing catalogue of temporal situations Abstract   PDF in English
Violetta Koseska-Toszewa, Antoni Mazurkiewicz
No 13 (2013) Contemporary Contrastive Studies of Polish, Bulgarian and Russian Neologisms versus Language Corpora Abstract   PDF (in English)
Joanna Satoła-Staśkowiak
No 15 (2015) Contrastive Analysis of Metatext. Expressing Polish "niemniej" in Bulgarian Abstract   PDF (in English)
Anna Katarzyna Kisiel
No 17 (2017) Contrastive terminography Abstract   PDF (in English)
Marek Wojciech Łukasik
No 15 (2015) Culturemes and Non-Equivalent Lexis in Dictionaries Abstract   PDF (in English)
Maciej Paweł Jaskot, Iurii Ganoshenko
No 11 (2011) Definiteness-indefiniteness category and logical quantification Abstract   PDF (in English)
Violetta Koseska-Toszewa
No 11 (2011) Developing free morphological data for Polish Abstract
Adam Radziszewski, Marek Maziarz
No 13 (2013) Dialog between a Lexicographer and a Translator Abstract   PDF (in English)
Mark Kit, Violetta Koseska-Toszewa
No 11 (2011) Differences in the formalization of the semantic category of definiteness / indefiniteness Abstract   PDF (in English)
Danuta Roszko, Roman Roszko
No 14 (2014) Different aspects of neosematization on the example of the Polish and Bulgarian language Abstract   PDF (in English)
Joanna Satoła-Staśkowiak
No 15 (2015) Digital Corpora and their Applications in Semantic Studies and Lexicography Abstract   PDF (in English)
Ludmila Dimitrova, Violetta Koseska–Toszewa
No 15 (2015) Digital Lexicographic Systems and Traditional Paper Dictionaries (From Traditional Paper Dictionaries to Digital Lexicographic Systems) Abstract   PDF (in English)
Volodymyr Shyrokov, Iryna Ostapova
No 18 (2018) Dynamic verbs in the Wordnet of Polish Abstract   PDF (in English)
Agnieszka Dziob, Maciej Piasecki
No 15 (2015) Electronic Dictionary as a Tool for Integration of Additional Learning Content Abstract   PDF (in English)
Stefka Kovacheva
No 15 (2015) Empirical Verification of the Polish Formula of Text Difficulty Abstract   PDF (in English)
Edyta Charzyńska, Łukasz Jerzy Dębowski
No 15 (2015) English Language Error Analysis of the Written Texts Produced by Ukrainian Learners: Data Collection Abstract   PDF (in English)
Lessia Mykolayivna Kotsyuk
No 16 (2016) Equivalent Culture-Anchored Units Translation? The Phraseological Units Issue Abstract   PDF (in English)
Maciej Paweł Jaskot
No 13 (2013) Experimental Corpus of the Lithuanian Local Dialect of Punsk in Poland. Examples of the Lexical and Semantic Annotation Abstract   PDF (in English)
Danuta Roszko
No 13 (2013) Experimental Polish-Lithuanian Corpus with the Semantic Annotation Elements Abstract   PDF (in English)
Danuta Roszko, Roman Roszko
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