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No 11 (2011) The Bulgarian-Polish-Russian parallel corpus Abstract   PDF (in English)
Maksim Duškin, Joanna Satoła-Staśkowiak
No 18 (2018) The cognitive nature of Ukrainian nickname construction Abstract   PDF (in English)
Nataliia Shulska, Yuriy Hromyk, Andrii Yavorskyi
No 11 (2011) The conceptual images of erotic relations in Spanish. Analysis of some linguistic aspects of The Turkish passion by Antonio Gala Abstract   PDF (IN ENGLISH)
Katarzyna Popek-Bernat
No 18 (2018) "The coral of your lips, the stars of your eyes" – the function of the genitive case in a particular kind of genitive metaphor compared to other semantic functions of this case (based on examples in the Polish language) Abstract   PDF (in English)
Monika Szymańska
No 15 (2015) The Current Evolution of Slavic Languages in Central and Eastern Europe in the Context of the EU Multilingualism Policy Abstract   PDF (in English)
Wojciech Paweł Sosnowski, Pascal Bonnard
No 18 (2018) The data-driven Bulgarian WordNet: BTBWN Abstract   PDF (in English)
Petya Osenova, Kiril Simov
No 13 (2013) The Dictionary Writing System Lexit and Its Application in Bilingual Lexicography Abstract   PDF (in English)
Svetla Koeva, Diana Blagoeva
No 10 (2010) The diversity of lexical functions in Bulgarian and Russian: an approach to compatible digital comparative lexicography Abstract
Svetlana Timoshenko, Olga Shemanaeva
No 14 (2014) The impact of direct speech framing expressions on the narrative: a contrastive case study of Gabriel García Márquez’s Buen viaje, señor Presidente and its English translation Abstract   PDF (in English)
Jadwiga Linde-Usiekniewicz, Paulina Nalewajko
No 14 (2014) The IMPACT project Polish Ground-Truth texts as a Djvu corpus Abstract   PDF (in English)
Janusz S. Bień
No 10 (2010) The Japanese-Slovene dictionary jaSlo: its development, enhancement and use Abstract   PDF in English
Kristina Hmeljak Sangawa, Tomaž Erjavec
No 11 (2011) The linguistic aspect of strategic framing in modern political campaigns Abstract   PDF (in English)
Agnieszka Pluwak
No 14 (2014) The need for an electronic multilingual dictionary Abstract   PDF (in English)
Anna Kisiel, Joanna Satoła-Staśkowiak, Wojciech Sosnowski
No 14 (2014) The Norwegian lexical item akkurat and the Polish akurat: a cognitive semantic analysis Abstract   PDF (in English)
Ewa Data-Bukowska
No 16 (2016) The One Form/One Meaning Principle. The Case for Case. Part I Abstract   PDF (in English)
Krzysztof Korżyk
No 17 (2017) The PLUS-MINUS axiological parameter in selected sex-related orientational metaphors in Spanish and its role in interlingual contrastive studies Abstract   PDF (in English)
Katarzyna Popek-Bernat
No 16 (2016) The Problems of Semantic Equivalence in Different Types of Ukrainian-Polish and Polish-Ukrainian Dictionaries Abstract   PDF (in English)
Iryna Kononenko
No 18 (2018) The role of conceptual integration and simple dynamic scenarios in the meaning construction of the mapping in mathematics Abstract   PDF (in English)
Jacek Woźny
No 18 (2018) The semantic classification of adjectives in the Bulgarian Wordnet: Towards a multiclass approach Abstract   PDF (in English)
Tsvetana Dimitrova, Valentina Stefanova
No 15 (2015) The Slavic Translation Lexicography Theory and Practice: on the Material of the Stable Word Units Abstract   PDF (in English)
Алла [Alla] Лучик [Luchyk]
No 15 (2015) The System of Register Labels in plWordNet Abstract   PDF (in English)
Marek Maziarz, Maciej Piasecki, Stan Szpakowicz
No 18 (2018) The usage and meaning of "mentioned" ("wspomniany") and "described" ("opisany") metatext markers in Polish scientific texts Abstract   PDF (in English)
Agnieszka Czoska
No 16 (2016) The Use of the Lexical Exponents of Hypothetical Modality in Polish and Lithuanian Abstract   PDF (in English)
Danuta Roszko
No 10 (2010) Towards a construction grammar account of the distributive PO in Polish Abstract
Adam Przepiórkowski
No 15 (2015) Towards a Linguistically-Oriented Textual Entailment Test-Suite for Polish Based on the Semantic Syntax Approach Abstract   PDF (in English)
Adam Przepiórkowski
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