Die Interpunktion im Gesangbuch Jesličky Staré nové písničky von Fridrich Bridelius

Pavel Kosek


The punctuation of the hymn-book Jesličky. Staré nové písničky by Fridrich Bridelius

The article is focused on analysis of the punctuation of the Early Modern Czech printed hymn-book Jesličky. Staré nové písničky (1658), which was collected by Fridrich Bridelius. The analysis is concerned both with the punctuation inventory in the hymn-book and with the rules that influence their distribution. The development of Czech punctuation, which has been yet analyzed superficially, is characterized by the competition of two principles: grammatical principle that connects punctuation with the syntactic and semantic structure of a sentence, 2. rhetorical principle that connects punctuation with the speaking form of a sentence, esp. with the pause. So the main goal of this article is to discover how is this conflict reflected in Jesličky. The article also analyzes how is the punctuation influenced by the musical matter of the printed hymns, which is a new moment in discovering history of Czech punctuation.

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