Tekstowy korpus a dalše informaciske srědki wo hornjoserbskej rěči w interneće

Sonja Wölkowa


The Upper Sorbian text corpus and further sources of information with regard to Upper Sorbian in the Internet

In the present era of globalisation and the omnipresence of the Internet, Sorbian linguistics faces new challenges along the lines “What is not in the Internet, does not exist”. The demand for digital sources of information with regard to Upper and Lower Sorbian and those accessible online as working tools and reference points for language practice and as a source for academic research increases. As a result of this ongoing development, the Foundation for the Sorbian People established a workgroup called “Sorbian in the new media” at the end of 2012, which has pointed out the creation of an online German­Upper Sorbian dictionary as the major task in this field of activities. 

The focus of this article, however, is the Upper-­Sorbian text corpus HoTKo, which has been created by the Sorbian Institute and which has been made available in co-­operation with the Institute of the Czech National Corpus at the Charles University in Prague. The article presents the history and development of the corpus, its extent and shape as well as its link to or incorporation into further planned digital projects of the Sorbian Institute with regard to the Upper Sorbian language.


computational lexicography; corpus linguistics; digitalization; text corpus; Upper Sorbian language

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