Grupy etniczne, sprawcy i ofiary

Steffen Hänschen


Ethnic groups, offenders and victims

The propagandist portrayals of the past, present in the discourse for years, still influence discussions on the memory of the acts of violence committed by the Soviet and the Nazi regimes in Eastern Europe. Problems arise from the fact that the dividing line between the victims and the perpetrators is not always clear. What is more, the fortunes of individual participants have received only marginal attention. Snyder, in his book Bloodlands, accomplished a formidable task and adequately depicted the suffering of the people in the region, however, the comparison between the USSR and Nazi Germany still remains quite superficial. The repressive policies of both regimes were targeted mainly at ethnic minorities. The perpetrators' motivations and their ideological background supported the interests of the regimes. The political configuration in Bloodlands, however, was too complex to be fit into a dualistic, ethnically orientated, concept.


Timothy Snyder; "Bloodlands"

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