Field Materials

The scientific legacy of Józef Obrębski, including field materials from his research in Macedonia (1932–1933), Polesie (1934–1937), and Jamaica (1947–1948), is available in the Archives of the University of Massachussetts in Amherst, where it forms the „Obrebski Collection” ( Digitalised field materials from Polesie as well as a small part of those from Macedonia are available in the Qualitative Data Archive at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences ( To read more on this topic, go to the tab „Archives and Other Resources”.

Józef Obrębski’s English hip flask belonging to his field equipment.
Józef Obrębski’s English hip flask belonging to his field equipment. Possession of his son, Stefan Obrębski
(photo by A. Engelking, 2007)
Zygmunt Korybutiak.
Zygmunt Korybutiak
(photo from A. Engelking’s collection)

Not all of his field materials Obrębski brought to the United States, where he lived since 1948. A part of it was left in Warsaw under the supervision of his sister, Professor Antonina Obrębska-Jabłońska. After her death in 1994 the collection was passed on to a researcher of Obrębski’s life and work, Anna Engelking. We present here a considerably modest selection of Obrębski’s field materials, since their fuller presentation would require a separate project.

Coming from the Warsaw Obrębski family archive field notes of Zygmunt Korybutiak annotated by Józef Obrębski concern the ethnic differentiation of the Podlasie and Polesie borderland. Korybutiak, a field assistant of Obrębski, performed an ethnographic trip to this region in the summer of 1935. His notes and maps presented here come from the Bielsk Podlaski and Brest counties.