Непрямая коммуникация в русской национально-речевой культуре

Show simple item record Дементьев, Вадим В. 2020-01-12T20:51:38Z 2020-01-12T20:51:38Z 2018
dc.identifier.citation Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2018;22(4):919-944 en
dc.description.abstract The national specificity of the Russian indirect communication is analyzed according to Anna Wierzbicka’s linguocultural model in which the specific characteristics of language and speech are interpreted through cultural scenarios. Wierzbicka’s model was partially modified for the purposes of this study. Firstly, we suggest to use the opposition of personality ~ impersonality. Secondly, unlike A.Wierzbicka, we consider it appropriate to use the concept of indirect communication, defining it as a communicative-interpretive phenomenon (through additional interpretative efforts of the addressee of speech). Indirectness itself is defined as one of the types of indirect communication: the planned indirect communication. We analyze in detail the reasons for it to be a part of Russian communicative style (primarily indirect directive speech acts and manipulation), associating these reasons with the cultural scenarios and the оpposition of personality ~ impersonality. From this point of view, a number of actual processes in modern Russian speech are discussed, such as planned indirect communication and its: a different understanding of indirect communication as a means of increasing the politeness of statements by different generations, as well as the undesirability of excessive politeness in some situations and appeal to indirect communication in order to avoid it. en
dc.language.iso other en
dc.publisher Russian Journal of Linguistics en
dc.subject komunikacja pośrednia pl
dc.subject język rosyjski pl
dc.subject personalność pl
dc.subject Rosja pl
dc.subject kultura mowy pl
dc.subject indirect communication en
dc.subject Russian language en
dc.subject Russia en
dc.subject personality en
dc.subject speech culture en
dc.title Непрямая коммуникация в русской национально-речевой культуре ru
dc.title.alternative Indirect Communication in the Russian Speech Culture en
dc.type Article en

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