Диагностирующие черты болгарского говора с. Большой Буялык (Благоево)

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dc.identifier.citation Слов'янський збірник: збірник наукових праць, № 21 (2017), с. 35-45 en
dc.description.abstract The article deals with the basic phonetic, morphological and lexical markers of Blagoevo village’s dialect (previous name: Koshkovo, Great Buyalyk) which is one of the south-eastern Bulgarian dialects of the Thracian type. We fix the features of the southeastern Bulgarian dialects at all levels. On the phonetic level: yatya reflexes, stability of the consonants h and f, the presence of prosthetic x, iotation vowel at the beginning of words, special type of stress – on the first syllable of nouns and verbs in the imperative, weaker reduction of unstressed vowels, and others. At the morphological level, there is the presence of specific pronouns (yas, nezin, nezina), which are typical for Thracian dialects and the particle of the future time ke. A significant amount of lexical markers indicates the Thracian type of the dialect. These lexical markers are: razboy (loom), hurtuvam (to talk), hurata (word), dzhubrynky (cracklings), karpuza (watermelon), siniya (a low table – sofra) and others. Rare markers are: dal, dalche (twig), trunka (bell), batskam (kissing, hit), bubota (maize flour), vatralche (poker) and others. Due to the Ukrainian-speaking environment there are a large number of loan words from the Ukrainian language (balakam (to talk), balakuch (talkative), balachka (gathering), bo (because), brichka (waggon), bresha (lie), bychok (bull calf), vydelka (fork), drabyna (stairs), klyamka (a type of lock), shpak (starling), hmara (cloud), hmarno (cloudly), sirnyky (matches). Wedding terminology is typical for Thracian dialects (glavesh “engagement”, glavenik “bridegroom”, sluginya “cook”). There are also unique names of the holidays that are not recorded in any other Bulgarian dialects of Bessarabia (Lazychki). en
dc.language.iso other en
dc.subject Bulgarian dialectology en
dc.subject Bulgarian resettlement dialects en
dc.subject Thracian dialects en
dc.subject Ukrainisms en
dc.title Диагностирующие черты болгарского говора с. Большой Буялык (Благоево) en
dc.type Article en

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