Да пытання аб лінгвістычным даследаванні антрапонімаў з асновай-этнонімам у гаворках Беларусі

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dc.identifier.citation Вісник Львівського університету. Серія філологічна, 2019, вип. 71, т. 2, с. 102–108 en
dc.description.abstract In the article we aim to: analyze the main works, studies of famous Belarusian scientists in the field of anthroponymy (M. Birillo, Y. Gurskaya, G. Mezenko, A. Rogalev, G. Ustinovich, V. Shur); show approaches to the study of the units of the onomastic class of anthroponyms; identify the problem of onomastic units, the analysis of which did not find a detailed description and was left without the attention of researchers. The article uses units that are derived from ethnonyms – the names of peoples, tribes, tribal units, clans, which are recorded in Belarusian dialects. There is no special study in Belarusian linguistics devoted to a thorough analysis of ethnonymic entities – ethno-anthroponims with a basis сossack, lyakh, mozur, belarusian, czech, french. It is necessary to emphasize the connection between anthroponyms and place names. Anthroponyms – the names of tribal leaders become the basis for the names of tribes or even peoples, which in turn often become the basis of geographical names. On the other hand, toponyms participate in the formation of ethnonyms and anthroponyms. Ethnonyms in the Belarusian dialects contain valuable information about the population of the country; therefore, special study of ethno-anthroponyms is needed in areas where complex and diverse ethnogenetic processes took place for a long time, in which many related and unrelated peoples took part. The analyzed works contain a wealth of scientific and practical experience of Belarusian researchers, they are of great scientific value and make it possible, on the basis of what was done, to analyze more deeply those units that did not find a detailed description, draw up their classification, show the functioning of some units in the dialects of Belarus, reveal the areas of their distribution. We analyzed about 20 scientific papers containing the scientific and practical experience of well-known Belarusian researchers of onomastics. Of course, the review is not complete. It is very difficult to list all the publications related to the study of anthroponyms and ethno-surnames functioning in the dialects of modern Belarus. en
dc.language.iso other en
dc.subject anthroponym en
dc.subject ethnonym en
dc.subject nationality en
dc.subject Belarusian language en
dc.title Да пытання аб лінгвістычным даследаванні антрапонімаў з асновай-этнонімам у гаворках Беларусі en
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