Митрополит Климент Смолятич и его послания

Show simple item record Успенский, Борис Андреевич 2017-12-15T18:15:11Z 2017-12-15T18:15:11Z 2017
dc.identifier.citation Slověne, 1/2017, s.171–218 en_US
dc.description.abstract The present article analyzes the two epistles of Kliment Smoliatich, the metropolitan of Kiev, written between 1147 and 1154, and sent to Smolensk. The addressees of the epistles were Foma (Thomas) the Presbyter and Prince Rostislav of Smolensk. The epistle to Foma is well known, whereas the epistle to Rostislav is not preserved and is known only through reconstruction. It is argued that both epistles were provoked by the ecclesiastical struggle created by the uncanonical installment of Kliment Smoliatich as metropolitan. en_US
dc.language.iso other en_US
dc.subject Smoljatič, Kliment, metropolita pl
dc.subject Izjasław Mstisławicz, kniaź pl
dc.subject Rostisław Mstisławicz, kniaź pl
dc.subject Manuił Grek, biskup pl
dc.subject Nifont, episkop pl
dc.subject konsekracja metropolity pl
dc.subject alegoryczna interpretacja Pisma Świętego pl
dc.subject jurysdykcja kanoniczna pl
dc.subject XII w. pl
dc.subject Metropolitan Kliment Smoliatich en_US
dc.subject Prince Iziaslav en_US
dc.subject Prince Rostislav en_US
dc.subject Bishop Manuil en_US
dc.subject Bishop Nifont en_US
dc.subject consecration of a metropolitan en_US
dc.subject allegorical interpretation of the Holy Scripture en_US
dc.subject canonical jurisdiction en_US
dc.title Митрополит Климент Смолятич и его послания en_US
dc.title.alternative Metropolitan Kliment Smoliatich and His Epistles en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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