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The website uses cookies – small text files saved on the end-user's device, which can be read by our servers every time the device connects to them – as well as other technologies operating in a similar or identical fashion. The information in this document concerns both cookies and other technologies utilised by our websites.

Cookies are used to:
adjust the contents displayed to the preferences of the user and facilitate the user's experience; specifically, the functions of these files include:
- allowing the websites to recognize the user's device and properly display the contents adjusted to the user's individual needs;
- producing statistics which help understand the users' behaviour with a view to improve the websites' structure and content;
- maintaining the session of a logged-in user, which eliminates the need to enter one's login and password on each subsite;
- showing advertisements more suited to the user's interests.

The websites may use the following types of cookies:
- "essential" cookies, which enable the use of the website's services, including authentication cookies used while accessing portions of the site requiring authentication; security cookies allowing to identify abuses of the website's authentication system; cookies which gather information about the users' behaviour;
- "functional" cookies, which "remember" the user's preferences and allow for personalizing the user interface in terms of language, region, font size, layout etc.
- "advertising" cookies, which allow for showing advertising content more suited to the user's interests.
By default, the programmes used for accessing websites (web browsers) often allow for the storage of cookies on the end-user's device. The user can change the settings concerning cookies at any time. In particular, the settings may be changed so as to block the automatic saving of cookies or to inform the user each time they are saved. Detailed information concerning the treatment of cookies is to be found in the settings of the programme (web browser). Unless the user changes their cookie settings, cookies will be stored on the user's device, which also means we will access information stored on the device.

How to change the setting of a browser so as to manage, or altogether block, the use of cookies?

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