The Digital Repository of Scientific Institutes [Repozytorium Cyfrowe Instytutów Naukowych, RCIN] is a supra-regional multidisciplinary repository of digitised archival materials, scholarly publications, research documentation and written cultural heritage selected from the collections of sixteen Polish scholarly institutes and their libraries associated in the Digital Repository of Scientific Institutes Consortium [Konsorcjum Repozytorium Cyfrowego Instytutów Naukowych].

The project was financed under the “Innovative economy” Operational Programme, Priority Axis 2: R&D infrastructure, Measure 2.3: Investments connected with development of IT infrastructure of science, Sub-measure 2.3.2: Projects in regard of the development of digitalised information; implemented: 2 March 2010 – 30 September 2014.

The project is currently continued using own funding.


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