Institute of Slavic Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences

ul. Jaracza 1
00-378 Warszawa, Poland
tel. +48 504071786, +48 228267688

Tax Identification Number (NIP) 525-00-12-159

Bank account
BGK (Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego)
43 1130 1017 0020 1469 5920 0003


Director: Dr hab. Ewa Golachowska, prof. IS PAN
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11.00–15.00
tel. +48 690204577

Deputy Director for Research: Dr hab. Karolina Bielenin-Lenczowska, prof. IS PAN
Monday, Tuesday 11.00–15.00

Deputy Director for General Affairs: Dr Małgorzata Kasner
Tuesday, Thursday 13.00–16.00


Iwona Wawrowska
tel. +48 504071786, +48 228267688

Research Support Office

tel. +48 221822226

Coordinator: Dr Olha Tkachenko (Monday–Friday 10.00–15.00)

Dr Angelika Zanki (Monday–Friday 10.00–15.00)

Mgr Agata Chinowska (Monday–Friday 10.00–15.00)

Dr Dorota Dobrzyńska (Monday–Friday 10.00–15.00)

Mgr Kamelia Penkowska (Monday–Friday 10.00–15.00)

Mgr Katarzyna Płachta-Kube (Monday–Friday 10.00–15.00)

Mgr Zofia Świrek

International cooperation

Dr Dorota Dobrzyńska (Monday–Friday 10.00–15.00)

Dr Angelika Zanki
Horizon Europe

Dr Kinga Capik

Mgr Kamelia Penkowska (Monday–Friday 10.00–15.00)

Publishing Centre

ul. Jaracza 6 m. 12
00-378 Warszawa
tel. +48 228271741

Head of the publishing department: Dr Dorota Leśniewska
Thursday 10.00–15.00 (office)

Secretary of the publishing department: Joanna Drewniak
Monday–Thursday 10.00–15.00 (office)

Open Access and Digitalisation Representative

Dr Dorota Leśniewska

Financial Department

Lic. Kazimiera Bicz (Chief Accountant)
Małgorzata Bielińska
Izabela Romańczuk
tel. +48 780646690

Personnel Officer

Mgr Małgorzata Sobieska
tel. +48 780646942

Legal Officer

Jolanta Żurawska-Siek

Public Procurement

Mgr Katarzyna Sosnowska-Gizińska


Dr Małgorzata Ostrówka

Data Protection Officer

Dr Krzysztof Radtke

Research Data Management

Dr Paweł Kowalski

Newsletter and promotion

Editor: Mgr Zofia Świrek,,


Editor: Dr Ewa Wróblewska-Trochimiuk

Editor: Mgr Katarzyna Sosnowska-Gizińska

Administrator: mgr Piotr Otręba

Institute of Slavic Studies, Branch in Poznań

Department of Nationality Studies

Department of History

Pałac Działyńskich
Stary Rynek 78/79
61-772 Poznań
tel. +48 503993135

Institute of Slavic Studies, Branch in Cracow

al. Mickiewicza 31
31-120 Kraków
tel. +48 126327026

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