Dr Angelika Zanki

PhD in Humanities (culture and religion studies), graduated from Western and Southern Slavic Studies (MA, Cultural Studies; Croatian language) and European Studies (Faculty of Journalism and Political Science, BA) University of Warsaw, slavist, Croatian studies expert

e-mail: angelika.zanki@ispan.edu.pl

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2511-8086

ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Angelika_Zanki

Academia.edu: https://independent.academia.edu/AngelikaZanki

Research interests

  • Emigration of Croats to South America and returnees in Croatia; migrations of Croats from the 19th century to today – causes and effects;
  • Croatian War of Independence;
  • National identity and sites of memory;
  • Croatian and Bosnian mass culture;
  • Socio-political situation in Croatia.


  • Research and technical staff in the Research Support Office
  • Research facilitator in ERC StG ​​Project – Recycling the German Ghosts. Resettlement Cultures in Poland, Czechia and Slovakia after 1945 (spectral recycling)


  • PROM – International scholarship exchange of PhD candidates and academic staff;
  • CEEPUS – individual research, PhD studies, University of Zagreb;
  • ERASMUS/ERASMUS + – ethnology and anthropology, Croatian studies; University of Zagreb, Master’s and PhD studies; internship;
  • Individual scholarships of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Croatia.

Research projects

  • 2022–2023: Grant of the National Science Center (Miniatura) “Activities of the political community of Croatian emigrants in South America”, (2022/06/X/HS3/00012), Principal Investigator
  • 2022–2027: ERC StG ​​Project – Recycling the German Ghosts. Resettlement Cultures in Poland, Czechia and Slovakia after 1945 (spectral recycling, no. 101041946), Research facilitator/manager


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