Editorial policies


The Publishing Centre of the Institute of Slavic Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences specialises in disseminating results of research on languages, literatures, cultures, history and issues of ethnicity in the geographical area populated by Slavic peoples. Working under the supervision of the Scientific Council of the Institute and maintaining good publishing practices, the Centre guarantees high scholarly and editorial standards of its publications and helps Slavic studies scholars to reach the broadest possible audience.

Open access

Furthering the commitment to open science, and following the policy of open access adopted by the Institute of Slavic Studies, the Publishing Centre of the Institute issues journals and monographs in electronic version and makes them available in open access (Creative Commons licence): journals – on the Institute’s ISS PAS Journals platform, and monographs – in its Slavic Studies repository (iReteslaw, collection: Publications of the Institute of Slavic Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences). This means that once published they are available to all users, who may read them online or download in pdf format without logging or payment. By way of exception, the Centre also publishes books in a limited number of print copies, particularly when this is requested by grant sponsors.

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