Mgr Magdalena Bubík




Research interests

  • The cultural heritage of the borderlands;
  • Religious history, with particular emphasis on protestant churches.

Membership in scientific bodies

  • 2023 Prague, Czech Republic: Erasmus Plus internship at Karlova Univerzita;
  • 2022 Prague, Czech Republic: internship at Masarykově ústavu a Archivu AV ČR, v. v. i.;
  • 2017–2022: The Gen. Anders Programme Scholarship.

Research projects

  • 2022–2027: “Recycling the German Ghosts. Resettlement Cultures in Poland, Czechia and Slovakia after 1945 (SPECTRAL RECYCLING)” – Starting Grant, European Research Council no. 101041946.

Other research projects:

  • 2022–2023, “Czechoslovak-Polish Scholarly Entanglements in the Cold War Between High Politics and Individual Strategies” – project volunteer – founded by GAČR and NCN;
  • 2021–2022, “Granice Spotkań” (Boundaries of Encounters) – project coordination – founded by Excellence Initiative Research University at Faculty of History of the Jagiellonian University.



  • Bubík, M. (2019). Dějiny evangelíků na Těšínsku od reformace do tolerance, by Stanislav Piętak, David Pindur, Daniel Spratek. Studia Historyczne, LXII, 4(248), 83–86.

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